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The Etoilly Atelier offers full service bridal styling + dressing with an eye for detail…and some flare to dust on top. Founded by the duo behind Etoilly Artistry and Double Shot of Sass, Hailey Daniels and Kailey Fletcher are your go-to gals in finding the perfect pieces for your most memorable, fashionable season of your life. As your stylists, we are here to carefully and thoughtfully curate your bridal look from sourcing your dress down to the Manolos on your feet (we love a Manolo moment.)

So, we have one question…

We already know you’re the “It Girl,” but are you ready to become an Etoilly Atelier bride?

The girls behind


The power duo behind Etoilly Artistry & Double Shot of Sass

Etoilly Atelier is founded by professional dresser-uppers and beauty experts, Hailey Daniels and Kailey Fletcher. Raised with the love of big hair and fabulous fashion, H & K have married their love of beauty, fashion, and bridal to bring you Etoilly Atelier. For the "It Girl" walking down the aisle.

As fate would decide it, this twin sister duo has had a presence in the bridal and wedding industry for the last decade while leading their team of beauty experts at Etoilly Artistry. After some thousand and more weddings, it is their passion to not only help curate a bride's wedding wardrobe of their dreams, but to be a bride's go-to gal for all things dressing and styling on their most important day. They believe that every bride deserves a wedding wardrobe creation that completely speaks to their unique vision as a bride, and with their extensive experience in the bridal and fashion industry...you're in for a real show.

Grab a martini and slip on your Manolos, we're going shopping.

*Cue the Sex & The City theme song.*




Experience I

For the girl who found THE DRESS, but needs the finishing details.

A stylist would be sourcing a bride’s day of slippers (we do mean your shoes, but “slippers” has a kind of je ne sais quoi, no?) + accessories such as hair pieces, earrings, and perfume that perfectly elevate your wardrobe as well as that flatlay moment for your photographer. Your stylist will select 3 options of each accessory, and we provide an in-person presentation for all Houston & Dallas brides to select their pieces. If you are an out of town girly, no worries! We offer complimentary, virtual presentations as well! The Etoilly Atelier will allow the client to purchase items directly from our shop, and we will take care of returning all items not selected! Should the client need a change of size, your stylist will take care of the exchange. No fuss allowed!

Starting at $2,250

Experience II

The wedding day look isn’t the only look that matters.

Need a fully-curated wardrobe for your wedding event in mind? Easy answer: We got you covered. Your stylist will select 3 outfits for the event outfit in mind. Each client will receive a complimentary, virtual presentation with a shoppable menu to select and purchase the items of the client's choosing. However, if a client has the desire for an unmatched concierge experience, we offer an in-person presentation of the selected options that would allow the client to view and try-on each item in real time. The Etoilly Atelier will allow the client to purchase items directly from The Etoilly Atelier, and we will take care of returning all items not selected! Should the client need a change of size, your stylist will take care of the exchange.

Starting at $2,250

Experience III

Say “YES TO THE DRESS” with your stylist!

With our expertise, we will help you define a clear vision of your bridal gown dreams as we help bring to life how you want to look and feel on your wedding day. First, with your ideal vision in mind, we recommend and book your bridal boutiques that align your style to the designers on the floor. Your stylist will accompany you to each of your appointments to help you focus on the styles that flatter your body, align with your venue, and keep your financial investment in mind. We recommend a minimum of 3 boutiques to visit, and if more appointments or destinations are needed…we don’t stop at anything to find you the dress of your dreams.

Starting at $2,400

Destination shopping pricing available upon request

Experience IV

We’re here for the big moments! Even on your wedding day.

Leading up to the big day, we will accompany you to your final fitting to ensure that we are well-acquainted with your gown’s tailoring and bustle because that’s a job only fit for the professional (AKA moi). On your wedding day, you will find our team preparing your wedding gown including taking out of your garment bag, steaming both veil and dress, and laying out all details ready for the photographer and our girl, the bride. Once hair + makeup commences, we will stay by your side throughout portraits, veil placement, last touch before down the aisle, veil removal, and bustling prior to reception.

Starting at $3,100

Optional Add-Ons


20 min





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